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Pace, Carmelo

Carmelo Pace(1906-1993), Maltese composer, studied music from his uncle and other teacher, played in the Royal Opera House Orchestra, and then started his life-long career in teaching, he composed more than 500 multi-form works, contributing to a sensible broadening of national musical horizons.

Pacius, Fredrik

Fredrik Pacius(1809-1891), German composer/conductor, studied in Kassel with Spohr and Hauptmann, he lived most of his life in Finland, violinist in the court orchestra in Stockholm, taught at the Helsinki University. He has been called " the Father of Finnish music". He composed the Finnish, Estonia and Livonians national anthems, also composed the first Finnish opera "Kung Karls Jakt(1852)", one violin concerto, and songs.

Paderewski, Ignacy Jan

Ignace Jan Paderewski(1860-1941), Polish statesman, pianist & composer, studied piano at the Warsaw Conservatory, then studied in Berlin, toured Europe, US, Australia as a pianist. In 1919 he was chosen premier and foreign minister of the new Polish State which he represented Poland at the Versaille Peace Conference. He composed one opera(Manru), one piano concerto, and piano pieces. *** For more Paderewski stamps: Please Click Here

Padilla, Jose

Jose Padilla(1889-1960), Spanish composer, studied at the Madrid Conservatory, led zarzuela performances in Spain and Argentina; produced some 60 works for the musical theater; lived in Italy during 1930-1934. He composed Symphonie Portugaise, and over 100 songs such as "Princesita", "El relicario","Valencia, and "Ca c'set Paris" etc.

Padkawyrau, Pyotr

Pyotr Petrovich Padkawyrau(1910-1977), Belarussian composer, he composed symphonies.

Paganini, Niccolo

Niccolo Paganini(1782-1840), Italian violin virtuoso and composer, learned to play violin from his father and other teachers. During 1801-09, he was in Lucas as first violinist for the state orchestra. From 1810-1838 he toured Europe as violin soloist and acclaimed as the greatest violinist. He composed 6 violin concertos, 24 capricci and violin sonatas.

Pagliughi, Lina

Lina Pagliughi(1907-1980), Italian-American opera singer. Based in Italy for the majority of her career and active during 30's and 40's. She was born in New York, moved back to Italy and trained in Italy. She made her debut in 1927, critics acclaimed her as best in the Rossini-Donizetti-Bellini repertory. She hardly ever sang outside of Italy.

Paisiello, Giovanni

Giovanni Paisiello(1740-1816), Italian composer, studied at Jesuit School in Taranto, then entered the Conservatorie di S. Onofrio in Naples, invited by the Empress of Russia and stayed in St, Petersburg for 8 years. Returning to Naples in 1784 and taught at the Naples Conservatory; composed many of his best operas. He composed 94 operas, his works abound with melodies, the graceful beauty of which still warmly appreciated.

Pak, Han-ktu

Han-ktu Pak(1919-1992), Korean composer.

Palestrina, Giovanni

Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina(1525-1594), Italian musician of Baroque Period, served as organist and maestro's posts in various churches, In 1544 he was installed as organist at St. Apapito Cathedral, in 1551 he was elevated to maestro at the Capella Giulia and the post he held for the remainder of his life. He composed sacred music - masses, motets, offertories, hymns, settings and madrigals.

Paliashvili, Zakaria

Zakaria Paliashvili(1871-1933), Georgian/Russian composer. He is considered the founder of Georgian classical music. He studied at the Moscow Conservatory, upon returning to Georgia he played a strong role in developing national music in Georgia. He collected Georgian folk songs, co-founded the Georgian Philharmonic Society and became the head of the Tbilisi Conservatory. He composed orchestral music, operas, choral music and songs.

Paljetak, Vlaho

Vlaho Paljetak(1893-1944), Croatian chansonnier and composer, he composed popular songs. His most popular songs and chansons are Ajme meni, Na Jadranu plavom ... etc. His statute is located at Ilica 1 in Zagreb, Croatia.

Palm, Rudolph

Rudolph Palm(1880-1950), Curacao born composer, at age seven he started to take music lesson from his grandfather, and able to play several instruments, appointed as music director of an orchestra and organist at several churches. As a composer, he wrote 90 pieces for piano including 61 waltzes, marches etc.

Paluskar, Vishnu

Vishnu Digambar Paluskar(1872-1931), Hindustani musician, he sang the original version of the bhajan Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram. He broke a long standing tradition of Indian music giving a public concert and charging a nominal fee. He toured the country and studied the musical traditions in each part of northern India. He studied Brijbhasha, a dialect of Hindi, spoken at Mathura. He finally settled in Lahore and there he established a music school.

Pann, Anton

Anton Pann(1797-1854), Romanian poet, and composer of religious music, Romanian professor of music, the Roma in Bulgaria. Pann was an influential folklorist and collector of proverbs, as well as a lexicographer and textbook author. He carried on with his choral activities in Wallachia, was employed as a sexton by the Romanian Orthodox Olari and Sfintilor Churches and attended the religious music school.

Papandopulo, Boris

Boris Papandopulo(1906-1991), Croatian composer and conductor, studied composition in Zagreb and conducting in Vienna, served as director of Croatian National Theater Opera and the conductor of Sinfonijski orkestra Hrvatskog radija, director of opera in Rijeka, conducted Sarajevo Opera, Zagreb and Split, composed over 400 works(one of the biggest opuses in Croatian music).

Parera, Blas

National Anthem of Argentina, music composed by Blas Parera. ************* Blas Parera(1777-1840), Spanish composer, born in Spain, in 1797 he moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina. He composed the music of Argentine national anthem, lyrics by Vicente Lopez, he went back to Spain in 1817, briefly after, and died there.


Pavarotti, Luciano

Luciano Pavarotti(1935-2007), Italian operatic tenor, one of famed three tenors, trained under private teachers, made his international debut at Amsterdam in 1963, thereafter making numerous appearences throughtout Europe. He first sang both at La Scala and in the US in 1965 and in 1968 he made his Metropolitan Opera debut. *
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Pavlov, Fjodor

Fjodor Pavlovich Pavlov(1892-1931), chuvash composer, choir conductor and folklorist. He was active as a composer, organiser, collector of folksongs, conductor of chuvash choir. He was honored Art Worker of the Chuvash ASSR.

Pavlova, Anna

Anna Pavlova(1882-1931), Russian ballerina, one of the geniuses of the dance and famous ballerina in St. Petersburg. She studied with the Imperial Ballet School, her main teacher was Marius Petipa, she made her debut at age 17, and became the Mariinsky's principle ballerina, in 1908 she joined the Diaghilev's Ballet Russes. Throughout her life she brought ballet to millions of her lengendary name.

Pavlova, Alla

Alla Pavlova(1952- ), Russian composer of Ukrainian origin, she studied music in the Gnessin State Musical College. After graduation in 1983, she moved to Bulgaria and worked at the Union of Bulgarian Composers and the Bulgarian Opera. Now she lives in New York.

Pedrell, Felip

Felip Pedrell(1841-1922), Spanish Catalan compoer. He worked as a musicologist and early music specialist and edited Victoria's opera omnia and the requiem of Joan Brudieu. This and other of his writings fostered a keen interest in the early music of Spain. Among his notable pupils was composer Rosa Garcia Ascot.

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Peeters, Flor

Flor Peeters(1907-1986), Belgian organist and composer, at age 16 he studied at the Lenmmens Institute in Mechelen. In 1923 he became the organ teacher at the Institute and chief organist at the Cathedral in Mechelen. He also gave concerts and liturgical master classes all over the world.

Penderecki, Krzysztof

Krzysztof Penderecki(1933- ), Polish composer and conductor, studied at Jagiellonian University and Krakow Academy of Music, graduating in 1958, staying as lecturer, and became rector in 1972. During his lifetime, he has won several prestigious awards. He composed operas, concertos, and orchestral music. Among his best known works are: Threnody to the Victims of Hiroshima, St. Luke Passion,

Pensis, Henri

Henri Pensis(1900-1958), Luxembourgian conductor, composer and violinist, he founded and conducted the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra. In 1940, he moved to US and conducted the New Jersy Philharmonic Orchestra, and Sioux City Symphony Orchestra.

Peralta, Angela

Angela Peralta(1845-1883), Mexican operatic soprano, studied at the Conservatorio Nacional de Musica in Mexico City. At age 15, she made her operatic debut, then she went to Italy continuing her study. She sang in every major opera houses in Europe. She was called the "Mexican Nightingale" in Europe. She was also a composer as well as an accomplished pianist and harpist.

Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista

Giovanni Battista Pergolesi(1710-1836), Italian composer, studied privately first, then entered the Conservatorio di Poveri di Gesu Crsito in Naples. He composed operas, dramatic stage works, sacred music . His fame spread rapidly after his death.

Perlea, Jonel

Jonel Perlea(1900-1970), Romanian conductor, studied in Munich, then in Leipzig, conducted the Bucharest Opera and served as music director there. After WWII he was in Italy to conduct La Scala in Milan, then he moved to US and taught at the Manhattan School of Music from 1952-1969.

Perosi, Lorenzo

Lorenzo Perosi(1872-1956), Italian composer and priest musician, studied in Rome and Milan conservatories, appointed as a choirmaster of San Marco, then music director of the Sistine Chapel. He announced an ambitious tasks to compose ten symphonies, each named after an Italian cities, and had completed Rome, Florence, Venice, and Bologna. He composed other music pieces: 20 oratorios, masses, sacred music, 25 orchestral music and chamber music.

Pertile, Aureliano

Aureliano Pertile(1885-1950), Italian lyric-dramatic tenor, studied in Padua and Milan, made his opera debut in 1911 in Vicenza, his debut at La Scala in 1916, then sang in La Scala, London, NY Metropoliatn Opera etc, taught at the Milan Conservatory. He is considered to have been one of the most exciting operatic singers of the inter-war period.

Petersen, Jonathan

Jonathan Petersen(1881-1961), Greenlandic songwriter. He composed the music to the national anthem of Greenland.

Peterson, Oscar

Oscar Peterson(1925-2007), Canadian jazz pianist and composer, performed with jazz at the Philharmonic from 1949. In 1951 he formed a trio with double bass and guitar. In 1970's he began performing regularly as an unaccompanied soloist. In 1991 he was named the chancellor of the York University in Toronto. He won seven Grammy Awards and others, and is considered to have been one of the greatest jazz pianists of all time.

Petipa, Marius

Marius Petipa(1818-1910), French/Russian dancer, teacher and choreographer, he is cited nearly unanimously by the most noted artists of the classical ballet to be the most influential balletmaster and choreographer that has ever lived. He created over 50 ballets, and noted for long association with the St. Petersburg Imperial Theatre. He was born in Marseille, France and trained in Belgium, famed in France and Madrid. In 1847 he moved to St. Petersburg to accept the position of premier danseur to the Imperial Theatre and stayed in Russia until his death.

Petrauskas, Cyprus

Cyprus(Kipras) Petrauskas(1885-1968), Lithuanian tenor. In 1907 he joined the St. Petersburg Conservatory to study voice. He made his operatic debut in 1911 at Moscow Theater in Gounod's "Romeo & Juliet", same year he also joined the St. Petersburg Opera. He created some 80 roles. He was professor of voice and one of the founders of Lithuanian Art Society and established a Lithuanian National Opera.

Petrauskas, Mikas

Mikas I. Petrauskas(1873-1937), Lithuanian composer, studied with Rimsky-Korsakov at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. In 1914 he immigrated to US, and he founded the Lithuanian Conservatory and Lithuanian Chorus in Boston, in 1930 he returned to Lithuania. He composed operas(Egle, Queen of the Serpent).

Petrusenko, Oksana

Oksana Andreyevna Petrusenko(1900-1940), Ukrainian opera singer(soprano), from childhood, she sang in the choir. In 1923-33, she was opera singer in Kazan(Ukraine) and Samara(Soviet Union), an outstanding representative of Ukrainian vocal school, she had a rare beauty and range of voice, silvery tone and exceptional talent. She was one of the best folk song singers of Ukraine. She was decorated as "People's Artist of USSR(1939)".

Pfitzner, Hans

Hans Pfitzner(1869-1949), German composer, conductor and writer, born in Moscow of German parentage, the family returned to Germany he studied at the Frankfurt Conservatory; remained active as conductor and accompanist throughout his career. He composed 5 operas, 3 symphonies, concertos(violin, cello, piano).

Phairoh, Lung Pradit

Lung Pradit Phairoh, Thai musician, the most revered traditional Thai music master.He composed film scores.

Piccinni, Niccolo

Niccolo Piccinni(1728-1800), Italian composer, studied at S. Onofrio Conservatory in Naples. In Naples he taught singing and was organist at the cathedral. In 1776 he accepted an offer from the French court and moved to Paris, he successfully adapted his style to the French stage. He composed over 60 operas in Paris and Naples.

Pierpont, James

Christmas Song "Jingle Bells" - composer James Pierpont, ********************** James Lord Pierpont(1822-1893), American songwriter, arranger, organist, and composer. He was the organist and music director of Unitarian congregation, Savannah, Georgia. His composition "Jingle Bells" has become synonymous with the Christmas holiday and is one of the most performed and most recognizable songs in the world.

Pijer, Willem

Willem Pijer(1894-1947), Dutch critic, teacher and composer, professor at the Amsterdam Conservatory, 1925-28, director of Rotterdam Conservatory from 1930, co-editor of the monthly Muziek. He composer operas, incidental music, and 3 symphnies.

Pillai, T. N. Rajarathinam

T. N. Rajarathinam Pillai, Carnatic musician of India.

Pinza, Ezio

Ezio Pinza(1892-1957), Italian bass with a rich, smooth and sonorous voice, studied voice at the Bologna conservatoy, made his operatic debut in 1914, as Oroveso in Norma at Cremona. He sang in Florence, La Scala and Rome, then at Metropolitan Opera between 1926-1948, also in San Francisco, London and Vienna.

Pipkov, Lyubomir

Lyubomir Pipkov(1904-1974), Bulgarian composer, studied at Sofia Music School, and at the Ecole Normale in Paris. Returning to Bulgaria he became chorus master, the director of Sofia National Opera. He composed 3 operas.