Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pace, Carmelo

Carmelo Pace(1906-1993), Maltese composer, studied music from his uncle and other teacher, played in the Royal Opera House Orchestra, and then started his life-long career in teaching, he composed more than 500 multi-form works, contributing to a sensible broadening of national musical horizons.

Pacius, Fredrik

Fredrik Pacius(1809-1891), German composer/conductor, studied in Kassel with Spohr and Hauptmann, he lived most of his life in Finland, violinist in the court orchestra in Stockholm, taught at the Helsinki University. He has been called " the Father of Finnish music". He composed the Finnish, Estonia and Livonians national anthems, also composed the first Finnish opera "Kung Karls Jakt(1852)", one violin concerto, and songs.

Paderewski, Ignacy Jan

Ignace Jan Paderewski(1860-1941), Polish statesman, pianist & composer, studied piano at the Warsaw Conservatory, then studied in Berlin, toured Europe, US, Australia as a pianist. In 1919 he was chosen premier and foreign minister of the new Polish State which he represented Poland at the Versaille Peace Conference. He composed one opera(Manru), one piano concerto, and piano pieces. *** For more Paderewski stamps: Please Click Here

Padilla, Jose

Jose Padilla(1889-1960), Spanish composer, studied at the Madrid Conservatory, led zarzuela performances in Spain and Argentina; produced some 60 works for the musical theater; lived in Italy during 1930-1934. He composed Symphonie Portugaise, and over 100 songs such as "Princesita", "El relicario","Valencia, and "Ca c'set Paris" etc.

Padkawyrau, Pyotr

Pyotr Petrovich Padkawyrau(1910-1977), Belarussian composer, he composed symphonies.

Paganini, Niccolo

Niccolo Paganini(1782-1840), Italian violin virtuoso and composer, learned to play violin from his father and other teachers. During 1801-09, he was in Lucas as first violinist for the state orchestra. From 1810-1838 he toured Europe as violin soloist and acclaimed as the greatest violinist. He composed 6 violin concertos, 24 capricci and violin sonatas.

Pagliughi, Lina

Lina Pagliughi(1907-1980), Italian-American opera singer. Based in Italy for the majority of her career and active during 30's and 40's. She was born in New York, moved back to Italy and trained in Italy. She made her debut in 1927, critics acclaimed her as best in the Rossini-Donizetti-Bellini repertory. She hardly ever sang outside of Italy.